Telling Time Half Hour Worksheets


Here is the telling time half hour worksheets which complements the telling time by the hour worksheets previously posted here.

These telling time half hour worksheets are also in grayscale to save you printer ink and to allow teachers to produce nice crisp copies for their first graders.

Each analog clock on the worksheet tells a different time by the half hour and the times are mixed up so students can’t assume the times are in order.

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telling time half hour worksheets telling time by the half hour worksheets

Terms of Use for the Telling Time Half Hour Worksheets

You may use these files for your own personal, non-commercial use only. You may not distribute or sell the files or claim them as your own. (Files may be printed and distributed in educational environments.)

If you would like to share the printable time half hour worksheets with a friend, please send them directly to this page (Do not link directly to the download file.) so that they can download a copy for themselves.

Thank you for complying with the terms of use!

Downloading and Printing

These files are in PDF form. You will need Adobe Reader in order to open it. If you don’t have Adobe Reader, you can download it for free at


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