Printable Paw Template – Dog Paw Prints


A simple printable paw template to color or use for your crafts.

You can use these printable dog paw prints to decorate scrap book pages of your furry friends. Just print them on colored sheets of paper, cut and paste!

In this download you’ll get four PDF pages:

  • A page with one large printable paw template.
  • A page with two medium-sized dog paw prints.
  • A page with four dog paw prints.
  • A page with six small printable paw prints on it.

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printable paw template

Terms of Use for the Printable Paw Template

You may use these files for your own personal, non-commercial use only. You may not distribute or sell the files or claim them as your own. (Files may be printed and distributed in educational environments.)

If you would like to share the printable dog paw templatewith a friend, please send them directly to this page (Do not link directly to the download file.) so that they can download a copy for themselves.

Thank you for complying with the terms of use!

Downloading and Printing

These files are in PDF form. You will need Adobe Reader in order to open it. If you don’t have Adobe Reader, you can download it for free at


  1. Kelly says

    Hello, I am a NFP organization specializing in animal welfare animal aid to families that are having financial difficulty supporting their pet or pets due to loss of a job or a disability. I trap and release, I rescue all those that I can…etc…I have been doing this all on my time and my dime for the past fifteen years and I am now making it official getting my Articles of Incorporation and applying for my tax exempt status, financially its become harder and harder so I am in the process of hosting a fundraiser for my minimal startup cost of $1500 only. In regards to my fundraiser, I have been looking for paw print templates one that is simple black and white and the other a gold paw as well, the black and white one will be for donations of a dollar or more and the gold is for five dollars or more. Similar to those you see for childrens miracle network or the shamrocks etc. Is it possible to use your templates for this cause? I don’t mind having your name printed on the bottom, I am in no way using or stealing your idea or anything along those lines, I am just in need of being able to use the actual template and have several copies made to be distributed to bar and grills grocery stores etc for people to donate if they can. I have a few places here in my town that said it is definitely not a problem to help us raise funds so we can finally expand and go much further, and I kick myself for not doing this sooner, but I never realized all the good that would become of all this. I run a craft business as well, I design and create all my items and I upcycle items etc. and the sale of my items helps support my cause as well. I am in the process of designing my website and with any luck it should be up and running in a month or two, and I am hoping to get other crafters to join and sell on my site as well. Please let me know if I am able to use your template strictly for the reasons mentioned previously. Thank you in advance!

    • justine says

      Hi Kelly,

      Yes, that is fine. You may use the printables for your organization. Good luck with the fundraiser!

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