Child Sponsorship Gift Ideas


Since Compassion has put a call out for correspondents for 300+ children lately I’ve decided it would be appropriate to share some child sponsorship gift ideas. Here is the latest batch of goodies I have sent to my sponsored child lately.

Child Sponsorship Gift Ideas: Paper Dolls

One of the neat child sponsorship gift ideas I had was to create a laminated paper doll with clothes that would stick on with Velcro. Everything can be changed – even the hair! Below, you’ll see that the doll and each piece of clothing is stuck to a piece of cardstock with Velcro. I labeled the back of the doll with my sponsored child’s name, number, and barcode in case it falls off in transport.

If you like this idea, you can download the paper doll and clothes on this site. The paper doll template will need to be modified a bit to look like the one I created below.

child sponsorship gift ideas doll
child sponsorship gift ideas paper doll

I created some accessories using various clip art resources from the web and mounted them on the back of the cardstock holding the paper doll and clothing.

child sponsorship gift ideas doll

Child Sponsorship Gift Ideas: Drawing Book

I wanted to give my little girl lessons on drawing so I printed out the awesome cartoon drawing lessons from and stapled them into little booklets.

I left blank pages on the opposite side of each tutorial for my sponsored child to practice. I also tried my best to use an online dictionary to write titles for the cartoons. Now I know quite a few animal words in Indonesian!

child sponsorship gift ideas drawing book

Scrapbook paper makes an instant pretty cover for the homemade drawing tutorial booklets. In the photo below, two booklets are drawing tutorials and one booklet contains just blank computer paper. This would also be a good way to make a small journal for older sponsored kids.

child sponsorship gift ideas book cover

Child Sponsorship Gift Ideas: Paper Crafts

I ordered a book of paper crafts by Taro Gomi, a Japanese paper toy artist, from last year and have been slowly ripping out the pages to send to Felicia. I love these pieces because the paper toy is perforated and easy to put together. I always include a picture of the finished product as well. This time I sent paper boxes and a really cool fold-up 3-D paper city. Neither of the two projects require any tape and come with instructions printed on the page as well.

child sponsorship gift ideas paper boxes
child sponsorship gift ideas taro gomi

Child Sponsorship Gift Ideas: Stickers

Stickers are a staple of child correspondent goodies! The laser-cut and Carebear stickers were bought from the Dollar Tree and the alphabet stickers are extra scrapbooking stickers I had lying around. I am certain Felicia will enjoy using them to label her things!

child sponsorship gift ideas stickers
child sponsorship gift ideas alphabet stickers

Child Sponsorship Gift Ideas: Printables

And of course, none of my packages go without a few of my homemade printables. This time I printed and sent out two Indonesian word searches - one themed colors and one themed animals.

child sponsorship gift ideas word search

Child Sponsorship Gift Ideas: Sweet Cards

I bought this card from Walmart in the 99 cent section. They have quite a few simple yet cute cards in that section and I always stock up on them for my “sponsored child goodies stash”. I think the cards are perfect to write letters in because it forces you to keep your message sweet and short – perfect for translators to work with. You can even tape an extra page to the card to ensure room for the translators.

child sponsorship gift ideas card

Child Sponsorship Gift Ideas: Fun Folders

Last but not least, all of the goodies are placed inside of a cute folder to keep them all together. The folder is labeled on the front and back (each individual goodie is labeled as well). Although this folder is larger than 8.5 x 11 inches, it will go through. I think it was at 9×12 inches.

child sponsorship gift ideas folder
child sponsorship gift ideas kitten folder

I hope you got some great ideas from this post and are inspired to send your sponsored child or correspondent child something fun. Stay tuned for more fun treats!

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  1. Karen says

    Your site is AMAZING!!

    I am a new Compassions sponsor. I spoke with a gentleman at Compassion (without disclosing my kids’ countries) about what I could send to my children and was told that I could only send PAPER items. He said I couldn’t even attach string on paper ornaments! Your ideas include glitter and cotton balls and ziploc bags and velcro….which would make my gifts so much more fun.

    Do you know how to verify what I can actually send to my 6-yr-old girl in Nicaragua and 12-yr-old boy in Brazil? Is there a website where I can share ideas with sponsors of other kids in those countries or age groups?

    God bless you for sharing your time and ideas!!!!

    • justine says

      Hi Karen,

      Glad you like the site :)

      Technically yes, you can only send paper items. However, there are a few of us sponsors who like to push the envelope! We figure if it passes through, awesome. If it doesn’t, at least we tried. You just have to be prepared and know that whatever you crafted/bought might not go through. I would do just about anything to put a smile on my sponsored child’s face!

      You can talk with other sponsors about what has gone through for them at That’s official Compassion sponsor community.

      The best advice I have is if you put in little extras like Velcro, don’t make it obvious! Good luck!


  2. Garry says

    I have had no luck trying to slip fun things through, so I would be hesitant to pay what they want for the Taro book, just to have it taken out in Colorado Springs. I put a couple of the stars that glow after you turn the lights out, on a greeting card to my girl in Colombia, and shortly got an email telling me they were not allowed and had been removed. I thought if they were part of a card, they would leave them alone, but no. These were not obvious…I can go out and find a hallmark cards with something similar. It would be interesting to see if that would make it through.

    • justine says

      Hi Garry,

      The Taro Gomi book has perforated pages so you can rip them out and send a few pages at a time to your sponsored child. They will definitely go through. It is a huge book as well so I had enough fun things to send to my sponsored child for at least 6 months.

  3. Dawn Lash says

    What does Compassion in Colorado do with they items they take out from our envelopes? I trust them give them to children here in the States?

    I searched for nice and decent paper dolls for a long time and finally found really nice ones on called Kate Greenaway Paper Dolls in Full Color by Kathy Allert. These are really nice dolls with nice clothes. There are four dolls in this booklet, so I cut out and sent one which had eight sets of dresses. I cut out one dress and put it on the doll. The other dresses I just cut around them so they would fit into a regular letter envelope I told my little girl Merary, that her teacher, mom, or sister could help her cut out the other dresses. I think it is important to include those that are physically with Merary because it brings happiness to lots of persons at one time. And imagine the pain of parents that want to give good things to their children but are not financially able. I plan to send the other three dolls, one at a time with their changes of clothing. This one paper packet will last a long time, and I am sure Merary will love them. She also likes Math and wants to earn a degree when she grows up. So I found some math problems online which I printed on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper and included those in a different envelope in which I mailed her some beautiful stickers! It is wonderful to have a child to send things to!

    • justine says

      Yes, I believe things that don’t pass through are donated to orphanages in the US. Thanks for sharing some of the cool things you send. I will check out the paper dolls on Amazon right away!


  4. says

    These are great ideas! We love when our sponsors send a little something “extra” in their notes to their kids. My favorite things I’ve seen are a friendship bracelet, cool birthday cards, a pack of gum etc. We regularly ship backpacks, parcels, small boxes of gits as well and they are filled with such creative ideas. Keep up the great work!

    If you are interested in helping a child in Eastern Europe, we’d love for you to check out our website and find out more about how to help there!!

  5. sarah says

    I might have missed something, but where can I find the printable clothing for the paper doll? I found the paper doll printable and have downloaded it, but it was only 2 pages and was just the one doll and all the hair options.

    We love this paper doll idea and would love to seed something similar to our sponsored child.

    Thanks for your help!

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